The City of Halstad’s Landmark is looking for a logo that represents and encompasses what the LANDMARK stands for and what the LANDMARK wants to provide to the youth, families, and community.

Landmark, in the former Norman County West High School, is a Community Education and Recreation Center that provides programs and opportunities that support and build health, knowledge, skills, and character for all ages and stages of life.  Our goal is to utilize cross-generational involvement and community strengths to meet the community’s needs.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in this Logo Contest. Please use colors and items that you feel will represent the LANDMARK to share the feeling, tone or attitude the logo should convey.  Keep in mind that the logo will be used on marketing items, clothing items, and will be the LANDMARK signature symbol for everyone to see and think LANDMARK.

The winner, chosen by the LANDMARK committee, will receive a one year membership to the LANDMARK.   The winning logo will be sent to a company to make it ready to market for the LANDMARK and minimal changes may need to be made to the colors, size, and design for marketing due to their graphic needs.

Submission Deadline is Wednesday, October 19th.

Submit your entry by e-mail to:  Please include your name, phone number, and address.

Call 218-456-2128 or email with any questions.

Landmark, located in Halstad, Minnesota was formerly the Norman County West High School.  The mission of Landmark is to promote community and advance the self-sufficiency of residents of all ages in a state-of-the-art Community Education, Fitness and Recreation Center.