Quality affordable healthcare is an important aspect of our community. With a variety of available services, our healthcare is right where it should be – close to home.

Sanford Health Halstad Clinic

445 1st Street E

Our modern and accessible clinic was built in the late 1990s and is now supported by the Sanford Health network. The availability of this high-quality network is a true asset to our citizens. 

Sanford Health Halstad Clinic is staffed by Charles Breen, MD; Tim Luithle, MD; and Ann Owens, PA-C.

Clinic hours are 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. To reach the clinic call 218.456.2158

Halstad Living Center

133 4th Ave E

Halstad Living Center is truly a place to call home. With excellent staff and a home-like environment, Halstad Living Center is a care center ready to serve the seniors in our community with medical needs. Care at this facility emphasizes choices, independence and providing services as directed by the residents. Our Halstad Living Center also provides on-site health care with a partnership with Sanford Health.

To reach Halstad Living Center, call 218.456.2105 

Heritage House

133 4th Ave. E

Step into Heritage House and hear the laughter of old friends playing cards, and new friends drinking coffee. This facility of single level apartments is perfect for allowing you to move out of your big home and into something much more manageable. These senior apartments, managed by the Halstad Living Center, are connected to the Living Center, which affords apartment residents access to services and care, when needed.

To reach Heritage House, call 218.456.2105


Northern Dental Access Center

132 3rd St. W.

Northern Dental Access Center(NDAC) is a community access dental clinic, a Nonprofit Organization.  The vision of NDAC is to be a regional leader in assuring access to dental care is available to all.  NDAC’s mission is to provide access to a dental home for people in need.  To receive dental care, patients must either be enrolled in a Minnesota Health Care Plan such as Medical assistance or Minnesote Care, North Dakota medicaid, or meet income guidelines for access to a non-enrolled patient fee schedule.

To contact Northern Dental Access Center, call 218.456.2238


Halstad Rescue Squad 

The Halstad Rescue Squad is proudly run by highly trained and certified volunteers. This dedicated group of people ensures your most critical needs are tended to as quickly as possible. The group serves as first responders in our area, and assists Norman County Ambulance when needed. 

Landmark, located in Halstad, Minnesota was formerly the Norman County West High School.  The mission of Landmark is to promote community and advance the self-sufficiency of residents of all ages in a state-of-the-art Community Education, Fitness and Recreation Center.