Halstad, Minnesota – for more than 135 years hard working people have called this small community home. Innovative founders worked together to grow this small community from the roots. By tilling the land, starting businesses to serve the citizens, and working together to form cooperatives that have stood the test of time – bringing vital services to Halstad the surrounding farms and communities.

That hard-working spirit continues today. Lead by a volunteer army that gets things done, Halstad is building its future!

Bill Pay

To pay your utility bill safely and securely online, click on the link below.

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Move to Halstad

Halstad offers a number of solutions to those looking for: 1) a simpler life, 2) safety and security, 3) affordable housing, 4) outdoor recreation, and 5) for those with children, locating a quality school.

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City Services

City services are provided to over 600 people including water, sewer, electricity, garbage and recycling. Halstad Municipal Utilities prides itself on high quality, affordable services for local residents. Most recent updates include new generators for backup power and underground power lines.   

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COVID-19 Information and Updates

The Halstad City Council is following the Governor’s declarations and executive orders to mitigate any risk to the Halstad City Staff and the public in order to help everyone remain healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the City’s top priority to keep its many services functioning throughout the health crisis.